To calculate the cost of translating your English document into another language, count the number of English words it contains. If your document is written in Microsoft Word, this can be done electronically by selecting “Tools > Word Count…”. Other word processing programs have similar functions. Then multiply the word count by the appropriate rate shown below.

Documents Rate Per Minimum Charge
Translating, Typesetting, Formatting and Proof-reading 12p Word £6
Typesetting, Formatting and Proof-reading 6p Word £6
Proof-reading only 3p Word £6

To calculate the cost of transcribing your audio or video material, time the length of the content. Then multiply the number of minutes by the appropriate rate shown below.

Audio / Video Rate Per Minimum Charge
Transcribing, Translating, Typesetting and Proof-reading £1 Minute £12
Transcribing, Typesetting and Proof-reading 50p Minute £12

We have a fixed charge for translating certificates. This includes the provision of an official Translation Certificate.

Certificates (Birth / Death / Divorce / Marriage / Qualification) Rate Per
Translating, Typesetting, Formatting and Proof-reading £20 Certificate

If you need to submit your translated document to a Government Agency or Court, you will normally need to provide a Certified Translation by Certification, Affidavit or Notarisation.

Certified Translation Rate Per
By Certification (as required by most Government Agencies) £10 Certification
By Affidavit (as required by Courts) £20 Affidavit
By Notarisation (as required by foreign Courts and Officials) POA Notarisation

When comparing prices, remember that our rates are fully inclusive and there is no VAT on top. Other companies usually charge extra for formatting and proof-reading or they may have a higher rate for legal, medical or technical content.

We can offer a discount for larger jobs (over 1,000 words) or regular work. Please contact us to discuss this.