The Gujarati Writers’ Guild UK was formed in 1973. Its core purpose was to bring Gujarati writers and poets together, mainly through Ghazal writing (the most popular and enjoyable form of Gujarati poetry) and holding Mushairas (poetry readings) in order to keep the Gujarati language, poetry and culture alive here in the UK.

We are pleased to say that we have succeeded in fulfilling this purpose to a large extent by:

  • providing inspiration and guidance to a number of budding poets;
  • holding over 100 Mushairas so far in various towns and cities across the country;
  • organising literary seminars and poetry workshops;
  • undertaking publication of poets works from time to time;
  • publishing and distributing free of charge booklets as memoirs of Mushaira events; and
  • inspiring a number of poets in different parts of the country to write Ghazals and form similar groups in their own areas to promote the Gujarati language, culture and literature.

The activities we have carried out and the progress we have made would not have been possible without the valuable support and encouragement from our friends and Ghazal lovers and financial backing from various arts and other organisations including the local Councils.

We are grateful to them all and hope that they will continue to support us so that we can carry on sharing our ideas, imagination, dreams and vision with our Gujarati and now through translations even with the English speaking community and play our part in bringing the communities together by creating better understanding of each other.