Bharuchi Vahora Patel – In Stockport

Early setters:

Vali Hafezi of Kothi-Vantarsa moved from Bolton to Stockport. According to the information available, 10 Bharuchi Vahora Patel families are thought to be settled in Stockport.


The first generation of Bharuchi Vahora Patels were mainly factory workers. Then they started their own small businesses and later became wholesale traders. Today in Stockport, among the Bharuchi Vahora Patels, there are two pharmacists, one electrical engineer and three solicitors.


There is one masjid and a madrasa and a community centre as well.

The Asian Heritage Centre in Stockport is managed by Bharuchi Vahora Patels. Keeping in mind the needs of Asian elders, provision has been made for various services that include advice, information, interpreting, light exercises, Asian cookery, dress making, card games, trips and day outs.