Bharuchi Vahora Patel – In Canada

Ayyub Miyanji

In Canada, Bharuchi Vahora Patels are settled in Edmonton, Hamilton, Montreal, Oshawa, Scarborough, Toronto and Vancouver. Most of the families in Canada are from India, but some have migrated from Africa where their forefathers were settled years ago.

Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada

Ibrahim Adam (Batka) of Dahegam had migrated to Canada from Fiji. The year of his migration is not known. After him, the first Bharuchi Vahora Patel to come to Toronto was Yakub Patel of Dahegam in 1969. His migration to Canada was facilitated by a local passport and travel agent, but when he arrived in Toronto, he did not know anyone there. However, like other adventurous Bharuchi Vahora Patels, Yakub Patel faced the situation with courage and determination and managed to settle down.

In 1974, Ahmed Nathalia and Ayyub Miyanji of Tankaria arrived from Congo. About 200 families followed them. These include the Bala, Hira, Lalan, Madhi and Popat families of Tankaria; Nekiwala of Karmad; Desai, Haji Kidiwala and Masoom of Dayadara; and Rokad of Manubar; etc.

Some highly educated Bharuchi Vahora Patels have come to Canada from India. Ismail Patel of Manubar held a high position as a researcher in the Government leather department and worked with CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) for 32 years on the application of science and technology in many provinces of India. Among his four sons, Dr Rashid is PhD, Dr Zahir Husain is a specialist for internal medicine from New York Colombia university and Ruhulamin is a mechanical engineer   His research work in this field is significant. This retired and experienced Government officer now lives in Toronto and does a lot of social work for the benefit of his local community. It is a pleasure to meet and talk with this very lively and hospitable gentleman.

We have many more educated Bharuchi Vahora Patels now in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

Young people born in Canada have made remarkable progress in various fields. Notable amongst them is Dr Firoz Ayyub Miyanji, who is a renowned paediatric surgeon in Vancouver.