Bharuchi Vahora Patel – Kanamiyyaas

By Abdul Aziz Ismail Mohammed Zumla (B.Pharm; Cardiff, UK)
Bolton, UK

They crossed the seas and all the sands
and settled down in brand new lands
Some went on to Africa, on to Burma, and Java
settling down here and there, now you find them EVERYWHERE!

They have opened EVERY gate, in every city, every state
From the East to the West, they have ventured with their QUEST
BREAKING barriers left and right, with their will and their might
DRIVING forward with their will, NEVER EVER standing still

Going through THICK and THIN, their only target was to WIN
Many bridges they have burned, settled down and NEVER turned
Settling down, ALL around, in EVERY city, every town
EVEN in the jungles dark and deep, working hard to earn their keep

With so much courage, so much HOPE, they quickly learned how to cope
EVERY Kwacha, Rand or Pound, was set aside, safe and sound
When they saved, they could afford – to sponsor others from abroad
With a sharp business mind, they moved forward – QUICKLY shined

Brand new lingos, they did learn, learning “Hi”, “How are you?”
“MULI BWANJI” – “How are you ? “Mr. Banda – “How do you do?”
In EVERY corner, you will find, Kanamiyyaas of EVERY kind
Kanamiyyaas with a CAPITAL  K ! – are here for GOOD ! – HERE TO STAY !